Direct to Consumer Fall Prediction, Prevention and Remediation

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Fall Assessment & AI

Providing at risk individuals with early indications and detection of fall risk and using best practices for reducing the likelihood of falling using technology and world class clinical & medical expertise

$50 Billion Lost to Falling Annually, USA

Falls are the leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury death in the USA and second leading cause worldwide.

  • Key priority for Medicare and US Senate Committee on Aging.
  • Key priority to solve for US Insurance industry.

Causes are complicated: physical, sensory, cognitive, aging, environment, socio-economic, underlying medical (cardiac, diabetes), medication, lack of physical activity, balance, vision and hearing

Vivacitas Background

We are an analytics, IP and technology company grounded in clinical best practices with direct to consumer end-to-end solutions focused initially on fall prevention.

Healthcare Clinicians

Fall Prevention Experts

B to C & Retail Fall Prevention

State of the Art IT

Labs and Diagnostics

Sensors & Telemetry



How We Do It

Analytical, machine learning and artificial intelligence with human oversight feed prediction engines driven by historical medical data and sensor feeds that trigger alerts, prevention and intervention.

Comprehensive medical history, environmental and socio-economic inventory that generates a baseline understanding of the at risk individual.


  • Data harvested from sensors / wearables
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence

Consumer Driven Health & Building a Community

Behavioral analytics for the
individual and caregivers

Social media for at risk
individuals and their caregivers

Day in the life of the “faller”​


Harvest data, conduct analytics and generate a “risk profile” for the individual. Generate predictive analytics that assist the individual and caretakers in education, awareness and mitigation of falls. Generates insights for the fall prevention analyst, analytics and technology generation program.

Data collection variables (initial): physical, sensory, cognitive, aging, environment, socio-economic, underlying medical (cardiac, diabetes), medication, lack of physical activity, balance, vision.

  • Medical history and current condition physical, mental, meds
  • Use of 911 and emergency rooms
  • Environment: furniture, clutter, animals & animal toys
  • Socio economic, income, education, criminal
  • Television vs. reading
  • Driving history
  • Sensors: gait analytics and landing using sensors and video, getting up from a chair video, pacemaker, glucose monitor, PO2

Vivacitas Fall Consultants

  • “All channel” call center staffed by fall analysts and consultants. Salesforce platform.
  • Recurring, predictable, auto-billed revenue stream.
  • Interactions are secure & encrypted. HIPPA and data concealment of the “faller” necessary.
    • Value: Interaction with the faller/ caregiver/both on the analytical findings and reiterate / reinforce behavioral modification.
      • Supervised at all time by MD/podiatrist with medical expertise in falling.
      • 99% of interactions will be with fall analyst that will have the falling analysis.
      • 1% will be to and through routing and escalation with an NP/MD, etc. that can do elite grade diagnostics that the original analytics package is unable to distill / sense make, etc.
  • Fall analyst will be on hand for “as needed” consults by webchat, web calls, emails. If escalation to a primary care physician, or 911, workflow is automatic.
  • Training minimal – most work will be done by analytics, routing and workflows.
  • Liability mitigated as we will ONLY provide tracking to best practices. When true medical diagnostics required we will direct ASAP to local primary care physician or other licensed clinician or emergency services.

Technology Discussion

  • Intended to reside on devices at the “edge”: static, mobile, wearable.
  • For the at risk “faller”
    • Reminders and behavior modification for the “at risk faller”.
      • Reminders to drink water, to eat, to ambulate, take meds, what shoes to wear, exercise, pick up animal toys, talk to Vivacitas fall analyst or a clinician. There will be inventories as to how they feel, and conformity to behavioral modification, etc.
      • Actual fall detection.
      • On watch and phone.
  • For the “caregiver” and Vivacitas “fall analyst/consultant”.
    • Out of boundary alerts (behavior, etc.)
    • Behavioral trigger that indicates a fall MAY/WILL occur.
    • Actual falls.
    • Ambulation behavior compliance, etc.
    • This can be for the individual caregiver as well as command central, such as a senior living, independent living, memory care campus.

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Office Location

60 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 308, Larkspur, CA 94939