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Vivacitas healthcare is actively working with healthcare leaders on the frontlines of the Covid battle who are testing for, diagnosing and treating patients with Covid 19.

We can bring this excellence to you and your teams. The company began as a clinical services company in senior living, expanded into predictive health analytics (specifically to predict when a senior may fall and intervening before the event) and health analytics for upstream and downstream consumers.

This company did not begin with an eye to pandemics, global health surveillance or Covid. We are conducting research into the best testing and other treatments that can identify Covid 19 and then assist in guiding clinicians how to treat.

Analytics And Insight

Vivacitas is driving health enhancements through analytics with global industry leaders that allow us to expand our impact from clinical and local, to high tech and global, through data collection, analytics, machine learning and A.I.

Vivacitas is applying insights to a broad array of healthcare needs including Covid 19, fall prediction, medical devices, sensors and telemetry, mobility enhancement and bionics, psychiatry and behavioral, engagement therapies, diet, sleep and exercise.

Innovation And Technology

Vivacitas is working tirelessly with clinicians on the forefront of Covid 19 who are involved in testing, and working theories for treatment. As long as the Covid 19 Pandemic continues, our number one priority will be testing, research and new methods for treatment and intervention to mitigate suffering and loss of life. Further, we are creating intellectual property that addresses demand from the personalized medicine space and the medical device market.

Vivacitas partners with medical technology developers, integrating advancements into the clinical environment. Vivacitas is creating new intellectual property that will benefit the global population, especially geriatric healthcare in all areas of research and development. Our go to market and research in predictive analytics and A.I. for fall prediction and prevention continues unabated.


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