Vivacitas Healthcare selected for “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the USA” by IFAH

SAN FRANCISCO, April 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — is revolutionizing primary care for seniors in residential assisted living by creating a new clinical healthcare model that increases health outcomes, saves families time, and insurance companies millions. Vivacitas completed its 18-month pilot program with the largest senior living company in the USA and is ready to go to market nationally.

The “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the USA,” award and distinction was bestowed upon Vivacitas after a review of 2000 leading-edge healthcare companies and candidates by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.

Vivacitas provides senior living communities with onsite clinics, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and high-tech labs – resulting in superior primary care and care coordination. The program reduced falls by seniors by up to 50 percent, reduced 911 calls and emergency room visits. Reducing falling at this percentage could save billions in the US annually and reduce stress and costs across the board for patients, families and payors such as Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

To meet exceptional demand, Vivacitas is raising substantial capital to scale operations, and expand its analytics, IP & technology portfolio.

“I’m excited and proud of what Vivacitas Healthcare has accomplished thus far. The model works and there is significant demand for Vivacitas Healthcare solutions.  We will close financing and create benefits for seniors and their families nationally.  The fact is, we are making a new market with integrated clinical services, analytics and IP creation. New technologies we innovate and deliver will service hundreds of millions of seniors across the globe,” said Michael Irish, Co-Founder and CEO.  

“We are making the lives of our patients better in senior assisted living – falling is only one example and there are many others. By capturing lessons learned, analytics, IP and new technologies, this is the most exciting clinical model and intervention I’ve been involved in since my days in liver transplantation,” said Dr. Stephen Steady, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Director.

About Vivacitas Healthcare
Vivacitas is a technology driven healthcare solution that is radically changing the outlook for senior healthcare. Vivacitas clinics are built directly inside of assisted living communities, staffed with Doctors and Nurses skilled in elder care and equipped with state-of-the-art labs. Our staff see patients in their homes every day, which dramatically increases early intervention. And early intervention means less expensive care and more importantly, less lives lost.


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