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We provide and source 3rd generation Covid-19 antigen testing that delivers high fidelity results in <15 to 30 minutes (both antigen and antibody) with no labs, no special handling, no special training, and nearly immediate results. 

We source and offer test kit volumes generally in volumes greater than 10,000 and can handle volumes in the tens of millions per month, depending on the test type (near real time stand-alone antigen, near real time stand-alone antibody and PCR testing). Preference of where the test comes from (USA, South Korea, EU, Etc.) volume, delivery and landing point(s) and types of certifications impact speed of availability and cost. ALL test kits that we offer have no less than USA certifications and pending FDA EUA approval and are also pending USA FDA 510K approvals. ALL tests we offer have supporting clinical evaluations and academic analysis and case studies. Given most transactions are Business to Business and in high volumes, the most efficient manner to connect with Vivacitas after reviewing the legal section of the website, is via phone or email.

We Offer These Test Kits

Covid-19 Antigen (Ag) test

Rapid test of 30 minutes or less determining the spike antigen.

Positive test will determine Coronavirus infection in pre-symptomatic individual, asymptomatic carriers. Rapid, stand alone testing that doesn’t require any professional labs (clia or clia waived) cultures, or days to provide results to individuals. Results are nearly immediate (<30 minutes).

Covid-19 quantitative and qualitative antibody testing

Rapid test of 15 minutes or less

These tests will help immunologist and infectious disease physicians determine what serological conversion means and for how long

OF SPECIAL NOTE FOR USA CONSUMERS: These tests do not need to be conducted in a CLIA waived lab. They can be done at the point of care with a healthcare worker, even CVS, Walgreens Pharmacies, etc. They may also be self- administered (in home); however, a request may be made for a healthcare worker to supervise remotely via any HIPPA compliant channel / medium. )

Covid-19 Antibody (ab) test

Rapid test of 15 minutes or less determining IgG and IgM variables

Rapid, stand alone testing that doesn’t require any professional labs (clia or clia waived) or special training. Results are nearly immediate (<15 minutes).

Novel Swabs

These swabs pick up 50-75% more coronavirus and/or spike antigen.

False negative rates with PCR viral test or antigen test will drop to acceptable rates.

Vivacitas Healthcare is singularly focused on Covid-19 testing and research related to Covid-19 testing strategy and technologies. We have real time access to the core tests needed for both COVID-19 antibody, COVID-19 antigen tests, PCR tests and novel swabs in volume. We can secure tens of millions of these tests per month and have available now tens of millions presently and can scale volumes into the hundreds of millions of units per year.

As a team of medical doctors and researchers with decades of expertise and dealing with virology (Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS from inception, etc.) and are now treating Covid-19 patients, unlike others, we can leverage this clinical and virology expertise to secure the best tests on the planet while also conducting aggressive research and market intelligence collection to identify what is the “next generation” of Covid-19 test(s) (such as the Slive Test).

We have sources in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere. Some tests offered are full post 510K FDA approved and others are in FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) status on a fast track to final FDA approval. Most also have European Medicines Authority (European FDA equivalent) approval. We can provide millions of tests per month and have alternative vendors so that we don’t have vendor lock in. Please see below what we can deliver.

Our offerings have been vetted (and used) with multiple MDs with backgrounds in virology, infection control, immunology, geriatrics and are currently treating Covid-19 patients.

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Office Location

60 E. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 308, Larkspur, CA 94939